In order to receive relevant information and quality services when you visit, we use cookies to store information about you.
It helps us to provide you with a personalized experience and to improve our services by making it easier for you to find what you are looking for.
This policy is intended to inform you why we use cookies, what they do and what choices you can make in regards to their usage.
What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are generated upon request from your browser to our web server and stored on your device. Usually, the purpose is to be able to identify your device and its behaviour when visiting our site.
There are two types of cookies – permanent and temporary (session cookies).
Session cookies are temporarily stored on your computer when you visit our site, but are deleted the moment you close the page.
Permanent cookies are stored as a file on your computer or mobile device for a longer period of time.
With the exception of cookies necessary for the function of our site, we store cookies on your device only with your consent. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can adjust your browser settings - more information on this can be found at the end of this document.
Mandatory (essential) cookies
They are necessary for the standard provision of our services - for example to establish your identity as a user of our services, to save part of the code of the visited site and other relevant purposes.
Without them, we will not be able to recognize you, and therefore you will not be able to access our services. They help us implement our Terms and Conditions and maintain the security of our services.
In the majority of the cases, mandatory cookies are permanent. They are used to allow you to move from one page to another on our site without having to re-enter information multiple times.
The use of these cookies does not require your consent - the processing of personal data through this type of cookies is related to the fulfilment of the contracts with the user for the provision of site services.
Cookies for performance and functionality
These cookies are not required to access and use the website, but they allow us to personalize your online experience while using our websites. Through them, we remember your preferences so that you do not have to enter information that you have already provided each time, for example, when you enter your data to access our services.
With them, we also collect information about how our users use our services so that we can improve our site, services and perform market researches. If you choose to delete these cookies, may lead to limited functionality of our services.
Advertisement cookies
These cookies use information about how you use our sites - the pages you visit or how you respond to advertisements - to provide you with advertisements that are tailored to your preferences - both within or outside our site.
"Interest-based advertising" is also implemented through advertising cookies. It analyses not only the behaviour of our sites and applications, but also of other similar ones, on which your profile is built.
It records what type and how many ads you've seen, on which sites/apps, what actions you've taken on the ads.
Many of these types of cookies belong to third parties – our service providers. For third-party advertisers, please see more information below.
How do we use advertising cookies?
We use these cookies to select and display ads and personalized recommendations most relevant to your interests.
We (along with authorized third parties) may use non-personalized information from both permanent and session cookies for statistical purposes as follows:
To determine which sections of our Site are the most popular.
To monitor the use of our Services and our Site (frequency and time-based).
To provide anonymous information to third parties so that more relevant advertising can be targeted to you.
To track the success of certain products.
To determine how often you and other users visit our Site and purchase products/services.
To conduct surveys in order to improve your interaction with our Site and with us as a provider.
If you are not logged in to your registered accounts, there is a high probability that these cookies cannot identify a data subject - a natural person. We only use them to measure visits, for example how many times you have visited a page. If you are signed in to your registered account, we can combine your account data with these cookies and identify your user.
Third party cookies
We also use some third-party cookies as part of our services.
These cookies are managed by the respective sites and are not controlled by us.
We may also use certain authorized third parties to place cookies during your visits to our sites for the purposes of services they provide to us.
For others, you need to visit the respective sites and follow the instructions provided.
They all use different cookies.