Pollset.com offers you a flexible and intuitive free platform for creation of and participation in polls of your choice, on any topic.
We offer a different opportunity that is one step ahead of the numerous forums and social networks. Here you can share information, ask questions and provoke other people with topics that are important and interesting to you, presented in the form of a POLL.
On our page you can get an accurate and precise idea on ​​the opinion of others, on the possible alternative views on any topic, regardless if it is published by you or someone else. The main difference from many other places on the web is that here you have the unique opportunity to be an active party and not just an observer. Have you ever come across given results of a political poll on the TV which vastly differ from your expectations? If you suspect that the information provided by the media is manipulated or simply false, you can now publish your own survey completely free of charge and compare the results with those you have seen on TV. If you are considering introducing a new product or service to the market, you can you take advantage of the unique opportunity to understand to whom or in what area to target your advertisement.
With us, you have the opportunity to structurally compose surveys and their results based on your preferences, in just three steps!
The Pollset.com platform allows you the following:
1. To post surveys, providing options for one or multiple answers, and to set a poll duration of your choice;
2. To receive a detailed analysis of the results structured by various criteria: gender, age, education, location and others;
3. To personally visualize surveys with pictures or video.
Of course, the different and often opposing opinions suggest the need for additional comments and discussions, which you can easily do in the chat form below each poll.
Have fun!